the art of

community living

a habitat of co-existence.

In the old days, people lived in harmony with nature and often, the shade of a big old tree provided the space for people to trade their craft, friends to play board games or chat over a cup of coffee.

Tamarind Square will recreate the ambiance of this age-old yearning of man to co-exist with nature by planting local trees within an urban yet humane space. It will be an eco-system that offers something for everyone.



a thriving creative eco-system.

The developers of Tamarind Square have created an eco- system where creativity in all its forms can thrive. The architecture and landscape provide the ambiance, while the activities and events help engage participation, collaboration and encourage enterprise among the youth.

life happens around the gardens.

The garden shop-offices surround two gardens that form the FIGURE 8. The gardens consist of the North and South Court and are the heart and soul of Tamarind Square. Tamarind Square also offers semi-d shop-offices on the periphery of the garden shop-offices, as well as retail offices strategically located at the SOFO blocks.

types of offices:

garden shop-office

The garden shop-office, like a 'mall in the garden', has been designed to attract the community to gather around it and enjoy nature in its many facets. And perhaps do a spot of shopping on the way home.

semi-d shop-office

Tamarind Square has 4 & 5 storey semi-d shop-offices that are designed with intimate gardens on the sides and on the rooftops.

retail office

Retail offices are strategically located at the SOFO blocks, designed for small shops, cafes and offices that cater to the SOFO occupants.