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Top 8 Things to Do in Cyberjaya (2024)

An easy guide to attractions in Cyberjaya, all found at Tamarind Square.

by TSQ Cyberjaya Guide

Updated 1 January 2024

Looking for ideas on how to spend the day with family and friends? Cyberjaya is easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and offers a variety of activities, homegrown cafe and restaurants, and its own unique urban scenery. Here’s an easy guide on what to see and do at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya. 

#1 A Garden Attraction Within a Mall

If curated gardens are part of a shopping mall, they are often located on the fringes or hidden on rooftops, but at Tamarind Square, lush greenery is found at the center of it. Open courtyards are the heart and soul of Tamarind Square, framed by cafes, restaurants, fashion outlets and other businesses. Experience your favourite bubble tea haunts and retail shopping in a new way with natural scenery and environmental consciousness.


#2 Instagrammable Spots 

With a forest playground and even (modern) tree houses, this is one place you are allowed to whip out your phone and take pictures. Frame a shot with an industrial backdrop. Pose under cascading hanging plants, by pondside paths, in front of raw concrete facades, or at steel stairways covered with trellis plants. There are many, many spots to take selfies, or, better yet, capture Malaysia’s tropical greenery with modern minimalist design. No more trekking through parks or forests in high heels just to take pictures with a natural background. 


#3 90+ Food & Beverage Joints

For local flavours, international cuisine, or just a delicious cuppa, there are around 30 eateries to choose from. Culinary choices include traditional Malay, Korean, Vietnamese, ‘Hawaiian and Japanese-inspired’ (kudos Poke Village), Chinese Muslim, Non-Halal restaurants and more. Taste the world’s first signature frozen yogurt that uses purple sweet potato at Yzen Frozen Yogurt. There’s also Restaurant Lauk Kampung and The Botanist, all located in glass-encased spaces as well as offering alfresco seating by ponds or garden landscape. There are dining options to suit every budget and palate. Craving for burgers? The Botanist serves handmade bao burgers, while Kopi & Wrap’s currypuffs, nasi lemak, cakoi, kuih talam, cempedak goreng, goreng pisang and many more local favourites.

If you want to simply grab a drink and take a walk around Tamarind Square’s green sanctuary, Hercaa and Tealive are the go-tos for bubble tea, while Boost Juice does healthy fresh juices, smoothies and crushes. You can also find San Francisco Coffee serving coffee lovers the freshest, best cup in town. There are ample benches and resting areas for you to sit and admire the greenery. 

Looking for fast food joints, checkout Dokebi Chicken Korean Restaurant, serving mouth-watering delicious Korean Fried Chicken. We have also a Burger King restaurant, for those looking for freshly flame-grill burgers!

#4 Shopping & Unique Buys

Shop at the many fashion boutiques amidst a green oasis. Looking for Hijab shawls? Head over to Shera Lee for premium custom shawls or THE CIKS for exclusive printed collections that are truly one-of-a-kind. For those who wanted to find stylish, affordable and high-quality apparels, drop by Plaid n Checkers at Level 4, South Court. Also, check out Pyjamas Party if you are looking for premium nightwear collection.

If you want to splurge on a counterclockwise watch, check out MEM Watches.

For foodstuff outside the supermarket and chain establishments (and those are available too), delightful nibbles can be found at Sweetsbox Café. Pick up a few bottles of cold brew coffee from Alcea Coffee. Or get a box of (they’re limited editions!) special peanut butter spreads at Farah’s Gourmet

#5 Gather Together

From zumba to pound workouts, bazaars to busking sessions, regular meet-ups and special events can be found nearly every day of the week. Community spirit is at the heart of Tamarind Square, so enjoy free entry for certain events and a minimal, pay-as-you-go fee for others.

Here’s a growing list of weekly activities you can explore and be a part of: 

MONDAY: Zumba Fitness
WEDNESDAY: Pound Fitness, Urban Night Market
FRIDAY: Tabata
SATURDAY: Lokal Vocals 
SUNDAY: Local Vocals, Singgahpagi


#6 Play All Day 

If your board game experience has thus far been limited to Monopoly and Cluedo, let us introduce you to a new world. Board games provide hours of fun with solving puzzles, storytelling, teamwork and more — It is a great way to past the time without being glued to the screen (especially for kids addicted to their phones). Weplaygames Cafe offers over 200 board games that you can play for hours and hours with family and friends, on top of coffee, cake and pasta.  

#7 Be Surrounded by Books

Our favourite bookstore BookXcess is open 24 hours here. It is home to half a million books, pop art and collectibles at bargain prices. If you’re planning to buy a cartload of books, one of its entrances leads directly into the carpark.

BookXcess Cyberjaya

#8 Stay Up Till Very, Very Late

Not willing to end the day after the sun sets? Great, because Tamarind Square never sleeps. Aside from all the fab eateries  open for dinner, After Seven Lounge is open until 2.00am, Accolades Lounge until 5.00am, and BookXcess is open 24 hours a day.