2 Monsters Shop
10 Creative Solutions
Information and Communication Technology
Consulting Agency A-04-02
10 Gram
Local & Western
F & B A-03-05
10 Gram Bakers and Steak
F & B A-03-09
AACWL Tech D2-05-09
Ahorro Empire Product D3-04-18
AJ Wonderland E2-05-01
Alaminda Specialist Clinic
Specialist Clinic
Health & Wellness C-01-03a
Alfie Coffee
Coffee & Pastries
F & B GP3-03M
Accolades Lounge
F & B A-05-01
Adam & Eve Preschool
Childcare & Preschool A-01-02 & A-04-09
After Seven Lounge
F & B A-03-01
AIG Holdings
Headquarters (HQ)
Business / Office D2-05-08
Alcea Coffee
Local & Western
F & B D1-03-06
Anjung Café
F & B FR-04-01
Anytime Fitness
24-Hour Gymnasium
Health & Wellness L3M-01
Archisoft Global
Software Development
Consulting Agency B-04-09
Art Loft Gallery
Art & Craft Workshops
Services GP7-05
Asia Online Publishing Group
Asean's Leading Publisher of Focused IT News Portals
Services FR-03M-03a, FR-03M-07 & FR-03M-08
Asian Broadcasting Services D2-05-06
Atma Dental
Health & Wellness B-01-05
Avanti Décor
Home Furnishings & Décor A-01-05
AWS Technologies
System & Storage Solutions Specialist
Services E2-05-03A
Axis Intertrade
Business Management Consultancy Services
Services B-05-02
Technology Solution Provider
Services A-04-03A
Bakez Grocer
Baking Supplies
Grocer D3-04-10 & D3-04-11
Barba Bros & Cuz
F & B D2-03-01
Baraqahmutaqqin Capital
Banking & Financial Consultancy Services
Consulting Agency D1-05-05
Barium Selat
Technology Solution Provider
Services B-02-01
Best Crew
Production House
Services C-02-05
Bite & Go F & B GP5-03M
Blue Window Childcare Childcare & Preschool C-02-03
BMS Organics @ VG
Healthy / Organic
F & B L3
Grow clean food without chemicals
Heath & Wellness D3-05-07
Boat Noodle
F & B D3-03-18
Bolt Studio
Production House
Services D3-05-01
BookXcess (BX)
24-Hour Bookstore
Books, Gifts & Toys L3M-04
Boost Juice Bar @ VG
Healthy / Organic
F & B L3
Brain Freeze Vape Shop
Vape & Accessories
Product D1-03-02
Burger & Taco
F & B E2-04-03A
F & B B-03-07
Candle Lab + Co
Handmade Candles
Product E3-04-10
Caring Pharmacy @ VG
Heath & Wellness L3
Corporate Office
Business / Office D3-04-13
Casa Janna
Home Furnishings & Décor D2-04-12
Catzscape Services E3-05-05
CBJ Yong Tau Foo @ Port 1964
F & B L3-02
ChamRun Digital
Digital Marketing Services
Services D2-05-05
ChooChii Car Wash
Car Wash & Detailing
Services Parking Level 1
Chopsticks by Muhammad Oon
F & B A-01-12
Citarasa Kampung @ Port 1964
F & B L3-02
Cleanpro iBu Sayang Self Service Laundry
Services B-01-06
CNA Xchange
Currency Exchange & Remittance Service
Services L3M-K01
Codemax Enterprise D2-05-13
Colpo Di Caffeina - CDC Cafe
Cold Brewed Coffee & Snacks
F & B GP2-04
Coop E2-04-05
CoopSpace @ KoopMKM Event / Co-Working Space E1-04-03, E1-04-03a & E1-05-03
Cosasco Malaysia
Oil & natural gas
Business / Office B-01-03A
Cosmo Kitchen
F & B D3-03-09, D3-03-10
Cubixi Worldwide
Computer Equipment & Software Wholesaler
Product D1-05-07
De Creative Media Sdn Bhd E2-06-03a
Dea April
Slimming Products
Product D3-04-15
Dee Kar Hair Salon
Hair Salon
Beauty Services D3-04-09
F & B D3-03-17
de'tres Beauty Services D3-04-06
Diem Canteen
F & B B-01-07
DIFD Trading And Consultancy
International Student Consultancy
Consulting Agency D2-05-13
DJ Trading Centre Sdn Bhd
Services B-02-02
Diqih Aqua Studio
Aquatic Supplies
Product GP5-04
Diqih Tech
Software Development
Services D2-04-05
Discovery Geosolutions
Oil & Gas
Consulting Agency D1-05-02
Dokebi Chicken
F & B D3-03-08
Dream At Work Production
Production House
Services E2-06-02
EA-Link System
Accounting & Taxation Management
Consulting Agency D1-05-03A
F & B GP3A-03
Software Development
Services D1-05-01
Eduplay Scape FR-02-07
Eduwis Preschool Childcare & Preschool C-01-01
Eid Authentic Korean Cuisine @ VG
F & B L3
Eleena Jamil Architect
Architecture Firm
Consulting Agency B-03-08
Elite Co-Working Space
Event/Co-working Space C-04-02, C-05-02
Elysian Dental Clinic
Health & Wellness A-03-03
emart24 Reserve Store Korean Convenience Store B-01-01
Embun Technologies
Computer support and services
Services A-04-10
Enterlink Gadget @ VG
Mobile Phone & Accessories
Product L3
Essentials Cabinet Factory Product FR-02-03
Ethos Healthcare
Medical Supplier
Health & Wellness A-04-11
EXS Synergy
Explosion-Protection (Ex) Services
Services B-02-05
Falih Junior International Academy
Primary Education
Education & Training FR-04-08 & FR-05-08
Farah’s Gourmet
Artisan Nut Butter
F & B E3-05-01
Farine & Z
F & B A-03-10
Farm for Good Education & Training E2-06-03
Convenience Store
Services D1-03-03A
Human Capital Management
Business / Office B-03-05
Firefly Academy
Language School
Education & Training C-02-01 & C-02-02
Fit In Child Development Centre
Child Development
Education & Training FR-02-08 & FR-03-08
Fitmom Project
Fitness Centre
Health & Wellness D1-04-02
Flair Design & Events Event/Co-working Space E1-04-09
Grocer, Baking Supplies
Grocer D3-04-16
Funmix Sizzling @ Port 1964
F & B L3-02
Fomema Haemodialysis
Dialysis Clinic
Health & Wellness C-01-08
Four Seasons Noodle House
F & B D3-03-11 & D3-03-12
Furu Japanese Restaurant
F & B C-03-02
Fusion Studio
Cooking Classes & Space Rental
Services D1-04-03
Gabungan Anak-Anak Palsi Serebrum (GAPS)
Non-Profit Organization Supporting the CP Community
Education & Training FR-03-02 & FR-03-03
GB Multimedia FR-03M-02
Ghazi Affan Holding Business / Office E3-06-02
Gilmore House Kids Therapy
Focused therapy program for children
Childcare & Preschool A-01-09
GK Fashion Library
Costume Rental & Beauty Salon
Fashion & Beauty D3-03-13
Glaze Eatery
Local & Western
F & B A-03-03A
Global Envdk
Waste Management & Environmental Solutions
Consulting Agency C-04-06
Global HS Consult Consulting Agency D2-06-16
Global Tunikara
Waste Management & Environmental Solutions
Consulting Agency A-05-12
Go Learn Education
Personalised - One on one learning
Education & Training E3-05-03a
Zero Waste Grocery Store
Grocer E2-04-03
Green Shoots Product E3-04-02
Hammerfist Education & Training E3-04-08
Happy Habits Daycare
Childcare Service
Childcare & Preschool D2-03-03A
Happy Lemon
F & B E3-04-03
Harta Group
Real Estate
Services D3-05-09
Hava Optique
Health & Wellness D1-03-07
Heartstrings Music & Art Product E3-04-03a
Hellbent Corporation
Skateboard & Streetwear
Product D2-04-01
Printing Shop
Services FR-02-02
Herbs & Butter
Local & Western
F & B D3-03-15
Hercaa @ VG
Bubble Tea
F & B L3
HLA Integrated
ICT Development & Consultancy
Consulting Agency B-02-07 & B-02-08
Horizons 45 Technology Services D3-05-18 & E3-06-03a
Hot & Roll
Sweet & Savoury Snacks Kiosk
F & B L3-K02
Hyperbridge Digital
Digital Solutions
Services C-04-05
Hypercube Neo Wellness Health & Wellness E2-04-06
Iburuj Network
IT Solutions Provider
Services B-04-01
Ilham Chenta Luxe D2-05-07
Immeri Health & Wellness C-05-08
F & B L3-03a
International Green Training Centre
Training Centre
Education & Training A-02-10
IhanaGarten Kindergarten Childcare & Preschool E1-04-05
Invenico Asia Sdn Bhd
E-commerce solutions
Services A-04-12
IP Infra
Software Development
Services D3-06-05
iTools Sdn Bhd
Software Development
Services A-02-09
Janna Group International D1-05-09
Jomsayheart Nutrition Consultancy
Nutritionist & Dietitian Services
Health & Wellness D2-04-10
Jovian Selcare Pharmacy
Heath & Wellness A-01-01
JT Ace Services E3-05-06
KA Creative Services IT Services D2-04-07
KA Digital Sdn Bhd IT Services D2-05-11
KA Wallpaper
Wallpaper & Interior Design Decorations
Home Furnishings & Decor D3-03-14
Kaki Lima
F & B GP6-03
Kanda Beauty Salon
Beauty Salon
Beauty Services D1-03-09
Kari Puff Abe Yus @ VG
Local Snacks
F & B L3
Kaysha Dine & Beauty
F & B, Fashion & Beauty A-03-12
Kick Start Self Defense
Martial Arts Training
Education & Training E2-05-02
Kiddo Science Cyberjaya
Education & Training A-04-07
Kinofit Yoga & Fitness
Fitness Centre
Health & Wellness A-04-08
Kl Television Network
Production House
Business / Office D2-04-03
KLEOS Technologiess C-05-07
Klinik Cyberjaya Health & Wellness C-01-02
Kocha Lala
F & B D2-03-10a
F & B B-03-07
KOKO Chicken @ VG
Fast Food
F & B L3
Koperasi Pelaburan Proton Business / Office D2-05-12
Kopi & Wrap
Grab-And-Go Cafe
F & B GP2-03M
Koperasi Perumahan Impian Selangor
Business / Office E2-05-06
Kotak Kreatif Design Studio Services D3-05-13A
Kuma Journals D2-05-16
Game & Tech Support
Services B-03-02
Kurma Paradise F & B D3-04-02
Nail And Lash Salon
Beauty Services D2-03-08
Lashxury Spa
Sport Science Training
Education & Training D3-05-03
Lawa Studio My
Photo Studio
Services D2-05-13a
Le Florista Flower Boutique Shop Services E1-04-08
Leia Home
Home Furnishings & Décor L3-03
Little Masters Education & Training E3-04-05
Locca Café
F & B FR-02-01 & FR-03-01
Lominous Group Services D2-05-03
Lucro PC
Custom PC Shop
Services E2-05-08
Media Art Environment
Advertising & Media
Services B-02-09
Mahnaz Food @ VG
Dried Fruits, Nuts & Healthy Snacks
F & B L3
Makdas Fried Chicken & Pizza
F & B C-03-01
Marketing & Creative Solutions
Consulting Agency B-04-03A
MEM Watches
Counterclockwise watches & clocks
Products A-03-02
Messrs Isadora & Associates
Legal Services
Services B-05-10
(MH)³ by Mishelhana
In-store shopping
Fashion & Beauty D3-05-17
Mildura Lane Coffee
Local & Western
F & B D2-03-02
Mind Flame Synergy E1-04-01
Mints canteen
F & B D3-06-03a
MK Curtain
Home Furnishings & Décor A-01-03A
MLTD Resources
Mobile Arts
Business / Office A-04-03
Momodica Sdn Bhd
Creative, Arts & Entertainment
Services C-04-03a
Moonlit Reads
F & B D3-05-03a
Home Improvement Retailer
Product L3M-02
Muscle Hub Health & Wellness FR-04-05
MUSU Interior Design & Reno
Interior Design Studio
Services D2-05-02
My Medilife
Medical Supplier
Health & Wellness D1-04-01
My Optometry
Health & Wellness D2-03-06
MyAja Cookies
Cookies & Cakes
F & B E2-04-01 Convenience Store D2-03-10
Myra Sales Gallery Business / Office D3-03-16
Nasi Kukus Terbang @ Port 1964
F & B L3-02
Recording Studio
Services D2-05-03A
Noona Global Ventures C-03-07
Oasis @ Pinnacle Co-working Space
Event / Co-working Space A-02-06
Oat Story @ VG
Healthy / Organic
F & B L3
One Day Salon
Beauty Saloon
Beauty Services D3-04-08
Orient Academy Education & Training C-02-06
Original Nyonya @ VG
Baba Nyonya Food & Dessert
F & B L3
Orion Child Care Centre
Child Care Centre
Childcare & Preschool A-02-03
Orion Clinic
Health & Wellness A-01-03
Orion Preschool
Child Care Centre
Childcare & Preschool A-02-05
Oroku Tech Solutions Services B-02-03a
OWL Baby & Childcare Centre Childcare & Preschool B-03-10
Oxtions Worldwide
Services D3-04-13A
Papadom Academy E2-06-05
Padang Ijau Restoran Khas Minang F & B C-03-03a
Pastribella Bakeshop
Local & Western
F & B D3-04-03 & D3-04-05
Software Development
Services A-04-01
PEERS Consult
Town and Regional Planning Consultant
Consulting Agency D2-06-11
Pekan Ipoh Kopitiam
F & B D2-04-11
People & Pixels Production House D3-06-06
Perbadanan Kota Buku
Malaysian Book Industry Hub
Books, Gifts & Toys D3-06-01
Pets Wonderland @ VG
Pet Supplies
Pickers Lounge Café
F & B B-03-01
Pinewater Qasia
Water Treatment Supplier
Services D2-04-06
Indoor Plants
Home Furnishings & Décor B-03-03A
Poke Village @ VG
Hawaiian & Japanese Inspired Poke Bowl
F & B L3
Port 1964 Foodhall
F & B L3-02
Courier Services
Services FR-02-05
Praise the Cuts Barbershop
Barber Shop
Services GP1-03M
Print Here Studio
Print Shop
Services A-02-01
Prophysio Centre
Health & Wellness E1-05-06
Pyjamas Party
Fashion D1-04-03A
Q-dees Cyberjaya Childcare & Preschool B-01-08
Q-dees Starters Childcare & Preschool B-01-09, B-01-10
QC House Just Cut @ VG
Haircut Services
Services L3
Quick Grab
Convenience Store
Grocer FR-04-10
Qyriz Manufacturing
Services A-02-07
Radzs Hair Studio
Hair Salon
Beauty Services D1-03-05
RAMS Solutions
Information System Consultancy
Consulting Agency B-03-06 & B-04-05
Raavanan Club
F & B A-01-07
Rapidevelope Technology
Software Development
Consulting Agency D2-04-03a
Restaurant Lauk Kampung
F & B B-03-03
Requezas Harta Global E1-06-08
Ribuan Mutiara Cekal D2-06-13a
Richiamo Coffee
Local & Western
F & B D1-03-03
Ridge Biomed
Medical Supplier
Health & Wellness C-02-07
Rieyas World
Wholesale Hajj Equipment & Muslim Clothing
Product D3-04-07
Rifhan Teknologi
Technology Solution Provider
Services A-04-06
Rima Venture Group
Services A-01-06
RIXS Technology
Interior & Graphic Design
Services D3-05-12
RL Dynamic Engineering (RLDE)
Services C-04-03
Rocksoft Cloud
Web Hosting
Services D2-03-05
Roiyaru Sushi @ VG
F & B L3
Roll Robotics
Mobile Robot Solution Provider
Services D1-04-05
Royal Butter Chicken @ Port 1964
F & B L3-02
RP Design Illuminazione
Lighting Design Studio
Services A-02-08
Cloud Hosting
Services D2-04-08 & D2-04-09
San Francisco Coffee
F & B D2-03-03
Coconut Ice Cream & Beverage Kiosk
F & B L3-K03
SB Hair Studio

Beauty Services FR-02-04
Sea Solt Café
F & B E2-04-07
Seeding Souls Care Centre
Registered Loss Adjuster
Services D1-04-07
Seeds Capital Group C-03-05
Sekolah Rendah Islam Baihaqi Education & Training C-02-03A
Seoul Fun Korean Cafe
F & B D2-04-13a
Sepohon by 10 Gram
Local & Western
F & B A-04-05
Seri Spa
Health Spa
Health & Wellness E3-04-01
Shangren Malaysia Consulting Agency E1-06-01 & E1-06-02
Sher Engineering & Consultancy
Engineering Consultancy Firm
Consulting Agency FR-05-01
Shera Lee
Luxury Hijab Shawls
Fashion C-04-07, GP3-03M
Shisha Town
F & B A-01-11
Simple Box Food
F & B D3-05-15
Sin Groupe Malaysia
Industrial Services
Services A-05-11
Singlock @ VG
Services L3
Smart Reader Kids Childcare & Preschool E1-04-06
Smart Reader Kids Islamic Childcare & Preschool E1-04-07
Spectre MD
Software Development
Services D1-05-06
SS Signature
Special Tea & Snacks
F & B GP3-04
Stagetec Asia
Audio-visual Equipments
Products B-04-08
Study Germany
Language School
Education & Training E3-06-05 - E3-06-11
Studylab Academy
Homeschool & Kindergarten
Childcare & Preschool B-02-06
Sukho Thai
F & B A-03-07
Summer Balloon @ VG
Florist & Gifts
Services L3
Svart Café
Local & Western
F & B A-03-08
Sweetsbox Café
F & B D3-04-03a
Syntx E1-05-02
Tadika Igenius
Childcare & Preschool A-02-02
Tako Tao
Japanese Street Food Kiosk
F & B L3-K01
Tamarind Kopitiam @ Port 1964
F & B L3-02
Tangerine Pictures
Production & Post Production
Services B-04-03
Bubble Tea
F & B GP5-03
Teja Café
F & B E3-04-06
Software Development
Services B-01-02
Thai Luck @ VG
F & B L3
Thai Tomyam Maphraw
F & B C-01-06
The 9 Kopitiam
F & B A-01-10
The Avenue Event/Co-working Space D2-05-01
The Baker Wheat
F & B C-01-05
The Botanist
Green Cafe
F & B GP3-03, GP3A-03M
The Candle Hour Product D2-05-10
The Ciks
Muslimah Fashion, Scarves
Product D1-04-09
The Courtyard by KGB
F & B GP1-03
The English Studio
Language Training Centre
Education & Training B-04-02
The Glass Galore Event Space Event / Co-Working Space E1-06-09
The Laser Centre Beauty Services E3-04-07
The Pickers Club
Local & Western
F & B D1-03-10
The Tamarin Dental Co.
Health & Wellness C-01-07
Todak Academy
Creative Education
Education & Training FR-04-04 & FR-05-03a
Todak Paygate Solutions
Urban lifestyle brand
Product B-05-01
Toifilms Services D2-05-10
Torq Lab Product FR-02-06
Tracol FR-04-06
Triple n Closet @ VG
Women's Clothing Store
Fashion L3
TSQ Sales Gallery
Property Gallery
Real Estate B-02-03
Tune Talk @ VG Services L3
Ungu Bakery @ Port 1964
F & B L3-02
Uniti Brick Sales Offce E1-06-06
V Palace Event Space
Event Space B-01-03
Valentine's Cafe
Local & Western
F & B GP6-03M
Village Grocer (VG) Grocer L3-01, L3-01A
Village Café @ VG
F & B L3
Visual Photography Studio Services E2-04-08
Vortex Petro Consultant
Oil & Gas Consultant
Consulting Agency A-01-08
Warong Geprek Cyberjaya
F & B D2-03-09
Warnakala Studios
Animation Studio
Services B-05-09
Watsons @ VG
Personal Care Store
Heath & Wellness L3
Wealthmill Tax Consultant
Tax Advisory Services & Consultancy
Consulting Agency FR-03M-05
Weplaygames café
Board Games, Coffee and Cakes
F & B, Games & Leisure D2-04-16
Whale Shark International
One Stop Diving Solutions
Product D3-05-10
Whitecoat Group D3-05-05
Watsons @ VG
Personal Care Store
Heath & Wellness L3
Wonderbee Entertainment E3-06-01
WOW Kiosk F & B L3M-K02
X86 Network
IT/ Telecommunication Services
Services E3-05-03
YOUI Energy
IT Solutions
Services D3-05-11
Yururi Lounge
Language Training Centre
Education & Training D2-04-02
Yzen Frozen Yogurt
Yogurt Dessert
F & B GP2-03
Zen Alchemy Spa
Aromatherapy Wellness Spa
Beauty Services D3-04-01
Zen Den Shared Workspace
Event/Co-working Space A-02-03A